The Canadian Guide to Hiring Veterans

Good help is hard to find. Let’s change that.

Discover employer-tested ways to find, hire, and retain the exceptional employees you need to thrive this year.

Over three quarters of small- to medium-sized businesses have challenges hiring and keeping staff. With an average of 70% of operating costs going to wages and benefits, this means most SMEs are struggling with a big, expensive problem that limits growth potential.
Finding the right talent means tapping into fresh, new ideas. That can feel daunting without a roadmap. With an easy-to-implement onboarding process and a hidden talent pool ripe for exploration, this guide helps SMEs compete with big employer brands for quality hires.

And that hidden talent pool? It’s right under your nose.

Each year, thousands of Veterans enter the civilian workforce as keen jobseekers. Chances are you already know a Veteran, or have some in your networks. Canada’s Veterans are so much more than the common stereotypes we picture or what we see in movies. Most are mid-career, highly educated, and adaptable.

The Canadian Guide to Hiring Veterans is designed to help organizations that have limited human resources and recruitment capacity build strong, resilient teams that include Veterans who are ready to offer their work ethic, leadership, and highly specialized skills to fill today’s skills and labour shortages.


This definitive guide helps employers and hiring managers tap into the hidden talent pool of Canadas Veterans, providing an easy, win-win solution to today’s hiring challenges and labour shortages.


This easy to use resource offers:

  • practical, reusable tools for finding, hiring, and retaining Veterans (including a hiring checklist, interview guide, onboarding framework, and more);
  • myth-busting research about Veterans in the civilian workforce; and,
  • additional resources compiled in one convenient place for connecting with Veterans, job services, and other human resources tools.

The second important purpose of this Guide is to help de-stigmatize Veterans both in and outside the workplace, and to clarify exactly why they make such a valuable yet hidden talent pool and recruitment source in Canada. This Guide includes Challenge Factory’s ground-breaking national research about employer hiring biases and the unique working style of Veterans.


  • perceptions about Veterans in the civilian workforce;
  • why employers in need of talent and Veteran jobseekers are missing each other; and,
  • lessons that can be learned from existing Veteran hiring programs.

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