Workforce Architecture
Workforce Architecture Spring/Summer 2022

Spring/Summer 2022

Welcome to the second issue of Workforce Architecture, a digital magazine and research exchange that explores the structural underpinnings of workplace culture and strategy.

This issue is dedicated to reimagining space, including:

  • the spaces in which we work (e.g., physical workspaces, real estate)
  • the space we give to work and careers in our lives (e.g., work-life balance)
  • the spaces we find ourselves in as jobs and work continue to change (e.g., lifelong learning, career stages)

In This Issue

Spring/Summer 2022: Space Reimagined

The pandemic has changed how we think about and relate to space. What impacts will this have on work, careers, and organizations moving forward?

Facilitating hybrid workshops: Lessons learned from COVID times

The most successful hybrid workshops will create engaging experiences for both in-person and virtual participants. Use our creative tips and checklist to build your own action plan for hybrid workshops.

Impact work in revolutionary times: How to know if we’re succeeding

Instead of focusing on what we do, we should focus on what impact we have and how we know.

Asking better questions: A Culture Blueprint that works

How can leadership teams boost engagement and performance? Revitalize your culture with intentional careers, people, and space strategies.

The Legacy Careers® hidden in your organization

Use these action steps to identify high-value, high-priority Legacy Career® roles in your organization.

Making space for your Future of Work: To dread and to dream

Use this short interactive activity to carve out a couple minutes for yourself. Take a step back and reflect on what you fear and hope might be true about workplaces and careers.