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Not just a magazine.

Challenge Factory’s applied research is enriched by the direct experiences we have within client organizations. We don’t only study the Future of Work; we shape it day-by-day in collaboration with policymakers, executives, managers, and community leaders who are navigating continuous change.

Our insights inform the approaches we help to implement. These real-world implementation experiences then raise new questions that we set out to study. Workforce Architecture brings the worlds of research and organizational leadership together through:

  • Curated content about the Future of Work, career development, hidden talent pools, intergenerational workforces, and more
  • Creative opportunities for data capture and collaboration
  • Experiential learning and career development activities

Lunch & Learns are exclusive events for your team that focus on a topic related to a Workforce Architecture article or tool. We customize every Lunch & Learn to foster engagement, ensure meaningful knowledge sharing, and tailor our time together to meet your needs.

Silver subscribers are eligible for one 60-min Lunch & Learn per year.

Gold and Platinum subscribers are eligible for two 90-min Lunch & Learns per year.

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Leadership Assessments

Work is changing. You have to change too.

*A Platinum Subscriber Exclusive*

Today’s world of work is calling for a different type of leadership.

Right now, everything feels hard. From skill gaps and labour shortages to remote and hybrid work arrangements, being a leader is complex and challenging. Sometimes, setting direction, mobilizing a team, and measuring results comes easily. Other times, you are taken by surprise—a change that you thought would be well-received falls flat, or a team that had been performing well is suddenly adrift.

What are your own leadership blind spots and strengths? Consider your greatest impact potential. What’s possible?

Enter the leadership capacity assessment—personalized insights about how leaders can shape the Future of Work.

As part of our Platinum subscription, we offer these insightful future-focused assessments. Our proprietary approach highlights how your strengths and preferences are useful, or potentially detrimental, to leading through times of upheaval and change.

With this clarity, we evaluate your capacity to adapt to the new demands of leadership. This process empowers you to build on what you are great at and identify where you might need support.


How it works:

  • Self-directed 45-minute online assessment for two of your leaders
  • 60-minute debrief for each leader
  • Video or in-person sessions available (travel fees not included)

Contact us to learn more about leadership assessments.

Culture Blueprint Audit

Culture Blueprint Audits

It all starts with culture.

*A Platinum Subscriber Exclusive*

Imagine both a thriving and a struggling employee around their family dinner tables. Your culture is what they each say about you when you’re not in the room.

At Challenge Factory, we don’t use “culture” as an amorphous blanket term for any number of issues, topics, and business planning activities.

Instead, our Culture Blueprint focuses on three critical, overlapping pillars—careers, people, and space. It’s true that each pillar must be strong to create healthy workplace cultures. But the greatest value lies in focusing on the overlaps between them.

As part of our Platinum subscription, we guide you through an intuitive Culture Blueprint audit. This mapping challenges you to reflect with intention and honesty.

We invest in asking better questions. Are you on the right track with a solid foundation? Does your culture need repair and adjustment? Do you need a massive overhaul to remain viable?

What do you say at your dinner table?

Together, we identify organizational gaps and opportunities related to your people, careers, and space strategies. Knowing where you are now ensures your workforce is part of your competitive advantage.


How it works:

  • 60-min strategic, intuitive Q&A session with key leaders
  • Audit scorecard with findings and recommendations
  • Video or in-person sessions available (travel fees not included)

Contact us to learn more about Culture Blueprint audits.

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Coffee & Careers: Virtual Monthly Drop-ins

Coffee & Careers is our monthly online drop-in with Challenge Factory’s career development leaders.

Let’s tackle the messiness of today’s workforce and career challenges together. Experience Challenge Factory’s unique approach to workforce architecture and cross-sector collaboration live and in practice.

Every month, we spend a virtual hour in guided, casual conversation about a trending work theme. Coffee & Careers is open to all paid Workforce Architecture subscribers. You’ll walk away from each conversation with real and concrete thinking about the Future of Work and what it means for you and your career.

Coffee & Careers takes place on the last Tuesday of every month at 11:00 AM ET. As a paid subscriber, your invitation to Coffee & Careers and other exclusive subscriber events will be emailed to you.